The fashion pineapple trend

The Christmas day is coming, dozens of photos about Christmas pineapple started to emerge on Instagram, some users are innovating and replacing the traditional Christmas tree with a pineapple. A funny pineapple trend that gives way to creativity on different decorations such as the bulk bells, fashion wholesale watches, colorful ribbons.

Just arm yourself with your imagination and adorn your pineapple in the same way as a traditional Christmas tree. Glittering garland, light garlands, Christmas balls, transparent balls to fill, pineapple watches, stars, and frills. Anything is allowed! Some do not hesitate to supplement their pineapple with sunglasses, transforming it into a happy and funky Christmas man.

We love a lot, but no offense to the conservatives, this year the trend is pineapple. The fruit that has been seen all summer on bags, jewelery, pineapple watches and sweatshirts, is becoming the new trendy tree.

For these holidays 2017, it continue to amaze us with the tropical fruit pineapple to warm Christmas day.