Graffiti watches to teach children time

The Graffiti have been running after time for years. Do you have the idea use it to design the wholesale watches for children.

The watchmaker Bruno Graff have been used in the kids watches. In several nursery schools, each pupil wear a watch, the colorful watches is innovative and playful. The watches acquire in a playful way the first basic notions of daily chronology. And the children acquires its first temporal markers and a mastery of its temporal space.

The concept reiterates the idea of the custom watches for kids, which allowed Bruno Graff attract young children with unique design, allowing kids to position themselves in the time of their day. Thanks to this concept, the child manages to understand the chronology with two years in advance. This French patent, "unique in the world", insures the commercial, is still in full development at Winjah and must culminate in an exit at the beginning of the 2018.