The difference of sapphire and mineral watch glasses

We know the watch glasses protect the dial when the watch accidentally fell to the ground or rubbed. The demand for wholesale watches with more stable watch glasses grew over the years.

There are two main watch glasses types are mineral glass and sapphire crystal. Do you know what is the difference? Today follow me to know them well.

First, the production of the mineral glass is much cheaper because it is tempered crystal glass. The sapphire crystal is made synthetic which more resilient, more robust and is very close to the hardness of the natural sapphire.

Second mineral glasses is considered more susceptible than sapphire crystal when it protect from breaking. The sapphire crystal can be seen with better qualities and scratches can be polished out.

Third the sapphire glasses are usually integrated in more expensive timepieces due to the large production. However the mineral glasses usually associated with economical. The middle price custom watches are usually equipped with mineral glasses. Common people can’t distinguish them through the visual. Only the experienced watchmakers can do it.