The most accurate watch in the world

Technological development is very important in watchmaking. The manufacture Locle Zenith has unveiled a new oscillator. The watch manufacturer Locle Zenith presented on Thursday a new prototype of watch that would be "the most accurate of the world." This invention could change the future of Swiss watchmaking by questioning the principle of mechanical watch operation.

"In the history of watchmaking, we have never seen, in any timekeeping competition, a series of mechanical watches achieve such a level of precision," says Zenith. Change is very important, for the first time in three centuries, one dared to question one of the very foundations of the functioning, the regularity and the precision of a watch or a clock which the design of an oscillator no longer relies on the theories imagined in the 17th century by Christian Huygens, but on the latest advances in science and micro-industry.

According to Jean-Claude Biver, president of the watchmaking Division of LVMH, this technology will not only be reserved for the Zenith brand. In the future, other custom watch factories will also be able to benefit from this advance.