The date display function in watches

Watches have been the most popular accessories for long time. But with the techonology development, the wristwatch also change a lot. Custom watch manufacturer also recognized trends for themselves, the watches was constantly evolving.

The different watches functions and style can atrract many watches enthusiasts. It includes the date display. In the histroy, Hammerly who in the year 1915 requested the first patent for a clock with date display. Full calendar data can be found from the year 1921 in the time knives. Pointers were used for this. Only 1926 followed one and 1930 two turntables.  

When you think of a date display today, normally you will think window date in wholesale watches. It is more difficult to implement than the pointer date, window and pointer date are based on the same basis. The minute drive which provides the date display on the edge of the movement that is located in the middle of the movement. The biggest difference between the pointer and window date is ultimately a purely optical one for the wearer. The Date window displays the date in a small window and can be positioned anywhere in the dial. The pointer date is a separate display that is specified with a smaller pointer.

Also the perpetual calendar funtion be considered complicated in watch manufacturing, so it only be manufactured by experienced brands.