How to find right China watch manufacturer

There are many wholesale watches are made in China, why? Because it’s cheaper, and labor is so much cheaper in China than in the US and Europe, and labor is a significant portion of the production cost.

But over the past several years, wages have been steadily rising in China, making Chinese factories progressively less competitive on labor costs. China may have been the cheapest before, but now they’re the most experienced – and sometimes even the most efficient.

For now, China remains the factory of the world. If you want to import kids character watches, this means that selecting the right China watch manufacturer is more important than ever.

There are many watches wholesale market in Guangzhou, China. Here I want to tell you some tips to help you wholesale watches with cheaper price and good quality.

First, do your research beforehand about watch mechanism, prices, etc.

Second, set yourself a price limit or goal.

Third, use smart phone or iPad to show photos and compare.

Next, bargaining can help you get a good price, and you can pretend to walk away to see whether there is any compromise.

Then, bring a loupe to examine watch parts more clearly.

Finally, keep their business name card, and bring a Chinese friend.

Expect you can get good quality watches if you want to wholesale or just want one sample.