The decision factor of wristwatch

It is still a relative newbie in the wholesale watches industry, the decision for a new watch is not so easy. Usually you take tips and advice from friends or relatives district before.

But often choose from automatic watch and quartz watch, only one thing can assure is children prefer to wear kids quartz watches.

Automatic and quartz watches are very different especially in the cost, because automatic watches have better quality and more complex movements than quartz watches. The quartz watches are a bit forward which are usually only a very low rate deviation. But Automatic watches are very dependent on how and where they are stored and whether it to the stand by not moving comes.

In daily life, the quartz watches are the better choice when it comes to external shocks. So whether you are watch wholesaler or looking for a reliable watch for something special, you can choose personalized watches, the automatic and quartz function are not primarily involve the decision work.