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The fashion pineapple trend

The Christmas day is coming, dozens of photos about Christmas pineapple started to emerge on Instagram, some users are innovating and replacing the traditional Christmas tree with a pineapple. A funny pineapple trend that gives way to creativity on different decorations such as the bulk bells, fashion wholesale watches, colorful ribbons.

Just arm yourself with your imagination and adorn your pineapple in the same way as a traditional Christmas tree. Glittering garland, light garlands, Christmas balls, transparent balls to fill, pineapple watches, stars, and frills. Anything is allowed! Some do not hesitate to supplement their pineapple with sunglasses, transforming it into a happy and funky Christmas man.

We love a lot, but no offense to the conservatives, this year the trend is pineapple. The fruit that has been seen all summer on bags, jewelery, pineapple watches and sweatshirts, is becoming the new trendy tree.

For these holidays 2017, it continue to amaze us with the tropical fruit pineapple to warm Christmas day.

How to find right China watch manufacturer

There are many wholesale watches are made in China, why? Because it’s cheaper, and labor is so much cheaper in China than in the US and Europe, and labor is a significant portion of the production cost.

But over the past several years, wages have been steadily rising in China, making Chinese factories progressively less competitive on labor costs. China may have been the cheapest before, but now they’re the most experienced – and sometimes even the most efficient.

For now, China remains the factory of the world. If you want to import kids character watches, this means that selecting the right China watch manufacturer is more important than ever.

There are many watches wholesale market in Guangzhou, China. Here I want to tell you some tips to help you wholesale watches with cheaper price and good quality.

First, do your research beforehand about watch mechanism, prices, etc.

Second, set yourself a price limit or goal.

Third, use smart phone or iPad to show photos and compare.

Next, bargaining can help you get a good price, and you can pretend to walk away to see whether there is any compromise.

Then, bring a loupe to examine watch parts more clearly.

Finally, keep their business name card, and bring a Chinese friend.

Expect you can get good quality watches if you want to wholesale or just want one sample.

Don’t miss the Canton fair phase 2

The phase 2 of the Canton fair on the Oct. 23-27, 2017 which is schedule for exhibit Gifts including Highlighting consumer goods, gifts and home decorations. The gifts coverd wholesale clocks, wholesale kids watches and optical instruments, toys, gifts and premiums, festival products. It will last for 5 days from this Monday. There are 7,360 companies will exhibit their products at more than 20,000 booths, focused on giftware, houseware and toys.

Trade associations reported rises in the number of buyers from countries along the Belt and Road, contributing to transaction growth at the world's largest comprehensive trade fair. It reflects the continued steady recovery of the global economy, and the continued vitality and growing importance of the Chinese market as both a source for goods and consumption.

Canton Fair presents the most comprehensive exhibition covering the widest range of industries and sectors, as well as the richest products and commodities. Therefore, Canton Fair 2017 likes a golden business bridge, linking insightful overseas importers with high-quality domestic exhibitors. If you are watch manufacturer or other China manufacturer, participate in the Canton fair exhibition is good choice.

Enjoy the all Halloween fun

The last weekend of October stands for two things: end of summer time and Happy Halloween. Halloween is about to happen, and many people will wonder what they are supposed to wear and how to be more scary? The creepy wholesale kids watches, ghost and ghoul costume which are guaranteed to spread fear and fright. The design of watches is very delicate to meet the Halloween theme. The Halloween watches, which has come out, listens to the friendly name Crazy Skull, is shaped like a grinning dead skull and completely covered with diamonds or rubies. Only as a nose serves a precious stone in heart shape. The dials can be found in the eyes and if the lower jaw is pushed back a little, a tongue with 66 pink-colored sapphires emerges, it is so cool.

Certainly, the wholesale custom watches are the best accessray to match the bizarre costume which children plan to dress as their favorite action character or superhero, Batman characters,their favorite princess and others will dress as a cat, dog, monkey or other animal.

Also people will decorate their house with rich gray-brown color with white trim, accented her front door and shutters in barn red, then added window boxes and swerving flowerbeds on her corner lot. A skeleton greets visitors at the front door holding a sign that says “Warning, please do not feed the zombies,” scarecrows seem to surround the house, and pumpkins large and small hang from trees or nestle among the fall flowers. And the house walls will be covered with pumpkins, witches, scarecrows, black cats, bats, mice and more. Too much crazy of Halloween, it’s absolutely filled with ornaments.

And the food also be full with the Halloween flavor, you will find a non-alcoholic Halloween cocktail in the Halloween party, the Halloween tablecloth maybe topped with a black spiderweb cloth, sweets with spooky decoration. And there are many fun labels such as “Sizzling hot bat blend,” “West Witch potion, hand-picked ingredients.” which put on the food tray or bottles.

It is crazy, right? Let us enjoy the Halloween fun totally!

The watches you should start collecting

A beautiful achievement for a simple watch, here we always share you with the amazing custom watches.

First Casio G-Shock, it was known for almost 35 years now that a Casio G-Shock could fall from high building and continue to function perfectly. According news, the English teams of Casio adjust G-Shock GPW-2000 Gravitymaster to a balloon weather approved by the Nasa. The watch flew from Yorkshire to zero gravity 44.1 km above the ground, at a temperature of -58C. The on-board cameras filmed every second of this 82-minute journey, until the watch descended to a free fall of 123 meters high at 65 km / h. And the great news is the GPW-2000 Gravitymaster still worked perfectly. Amazing, right?

Second Bell & Ross, it released the vintage watch collection with the arrival of the BRV1-92 Military with a polished satin steel case of 38.5 and a dial that focuses on minutes in red. It is very military, especially and chic, the most important one is less than 2,000 euros. It is equipped with a totally mixed case of 38,5 mm in polished and satin steel, waterproof to 100 meters.

The Bell & Ross vintage wrist watch is adorned with an ultra-domed sapphire crystal that reinforces its vintage appearance. As for its dial, it incorporates the characteristics of the Heritage line, a classic of the Franco-Helvetic watch manufacturer Bell & Ross. And the sign "MT" means "Military Type" which designed for professional use and is a great classic of army watches. Also the wrist watch embeds an automatic mechanical caliber and is worn on a bracelet in brown calf on buckle pin.

Third Vacheron Constantin, contemporary watches with vintage accents. A beautiful way to revive the technical and aesthetic heritage of the watch manufacture, while satisfying the passion of collectors in search of these pieces become mythical. Vacheron Constantin's first wristwatch calendars date back to 1920, it is the 1940s that mark the golden age of this complication in the history of the watch manufactruing.

Iconic watches were born, similar to the references 4240 in 1942 and 4240L in 1948, inspired by the two new watches of the Historical collection: the 1942 Triple Calendar and the 1948 Triple Calendar. Two models in rose gold 18 carats in limited edition, with calendar indications in burgundy or dark blue.

True to its ascendancy, the Historical Triple Calendar 1948 model is fashioned in 18K 4N pink gold closer to the original version that gives it a very elegant style. If you are watches collector, the Vacheron Constantin watches is good choose.

Kids watches tell your kids time

The time play a very importance in our life which determines our entire daily routine. No matter where you are and what you do. The time is always here.

But understanding of the time are not innate. Children have to learn to read time at first when see the wholesale watches.

So watch manufacturer focus on the kids watches that can easy read and understand numbers. It can be combined with a regular daily routine, so that a child knows, for example, that there is an 8:00 breakfast, 12 o'clock lunch, 6 o'clock supper, and it goes to bed at 8 pm. So it already develops a first feeling about time.

The wholesale kids watches are playful, cute and child designed. And the children watches have many patterns such football, pizza, action movies and boys favorite colors are blue and white. Also the watches for girl from the picture book such as fairy tales and ponies. Pink and yellow always be girls’ love.

And the brand kids watch can easily teach each child what is time.

Graffiti watches to teach children time

The Graffiti have been running after time for years. Do you have the idea use it to design the wholesale watches for children.

The watchmaker Bruno Graff have been used in the kids watches. In several nursery schools, each pupil wear a watch, the colorful watches is innovative and playful. The watches acquire in a playful way the first basic notions of daily chronology. And the children acquires its first temporal markers and a mastery of its temporal space.

The concept reiterates the idea of the custom watches for kids, which allowed Bruno Graff attract young children with unique design, allowing kids to position themselves in the time of their day. Thanks to this concept, the child manages to understand the chronology with two years in advance. This French patent, "unique in the world", insures the commercial, is still in full development at Winjah and must culminate in an exit at the beginning of the 2018.

The difference of sapphire and mineral watch glasses

We know the watch glasses protect the dial when the watch accidentally fell to the ground or rubbed. The demand for wholesale watches with more stable watch glasses grew over the years.

There are two main watch glasses types are mineral glass and sapphire crystal. Do you know what is the difference? Today follow me to know them well.

First, the production of the mineral glass is much cheaper because it is tempered crystal glass. The sapphire crystal is made synthetic which more resilient, more robust and is very close to the hardness of the natural sapphire.

Second mineral glasses is considered more susceptible than sapphire crystal when it protect from breaking. The sapphire crystal can be seen with better qualities and scratches can be polished out.

Third the sapphire glasses are usually integrated in more expensive timepieces due to the large production. However the mineral glasses usually associated with economical. The middle price custom watches are usually equipped with mineral glasses. Common people can’t distinguish them through the visual. Only the experienced watchmakers can do it.

122th Autumn Canton Fair is coming


The 122th China Autumn Canton Fair is coming, the exhibition time from October 15, 2017 to November 4, 2017. The Canton Fair exhibition contents including Electronics and home appliances, wholesale watches, consumer goods, textile clothing, decoration materials, food and so on.

Enterprises can apply for exhibitors who follow the professional products priority, energy-saving environmental protection products priority, High-tech products priority, industry-leading enterprises priority and trade deficit of regional enterprises priority.

Canton Fair have set up the Import Exhibition Exhibitors Service Center, including the home construction, service consulting, on site service, standard amortization, transportation and other projects in order to provide convenient and efficient service for exhibitors. So if you are watch manufacturer and ready to to attend the Canton Fair, don’t worry, just contact the Canton Fair service personnel to get more help.

custom watches for soccer small fans

Children have a great love for soccer. They are both have one or more favorite soccer teams and soccer players. Wholesale custom watches with soccer pattern can be a wonderful gift for kids birthday or festivals.

The usefulness of wristwatch and unqiue design related to the soccer passions of child can be a wonderful gift to children. For example, if you are AC milan fans, you can customzied exclusive AC milan series watch for kids. With its essential and modern line AC milan logo, and adjustable silicone strap, combined with its low weight, makes it particularly comfortable and suitable for kids. The black dial with the numbers drawn in red is decorated with the official logo of AC Milan, making the small fans crazy for it. Also you can custom watch face, the mechanism is analog quartz and the dial shows the logo of the team.

So if you want to make a more unique gift for small soccer fans, the personalized watches is ideal for true fans and make the gift that remains long time.

Promote your brand in World Cup 2018

The World Cup 2018 is coming. For us an occasion to talk about sports advertising media, to introduce possibilities for use in the context of sports events and to present wholesale kids watches!

There are many promotional watches to match sports events that are popular. Even if your company does not have such a large advertising budget, it can take part in the football fever with the inexpensive promotional watches. For example, you can custom watches with printed soccer balls and national teams logo. At the same time, you should also custom logo watches and keep your profits in the company's design ready!

Sporting events and 3d cartoon watches fit together well. Not least because soccer fans love it, it is worthwhile to generate brand impressions at this point with individualized advertising media. So promote your brand through use the extraordinary reach and high emotional of the sporting events in the World Cup 2018.

The most accurate watch in the world

Technological development is very important in watchmaking. The manufacture Locle Zenith has unveiled a new oscillator. The watch manufacturer Locle Zenith presented on Thursday a new prototype of watch that would be "the most accurate of the world." This invention could change the future of Swiss watchmaking by questioning the principle of mechanical watch operation.

"In the history of watchmaking, we have never seen, in any timekeeping competition, a series of mechanical watches achieve such a level of precision," says Zenith. Change is very important, for the first time in three centuries, one dared to question one of the very foundations of the functioning, the regularity and the precision of a watch or a clock which the design of an oscillator no longer relies on the theories imagined in the 17th century by Christian Huygens, but on the latest advances in science and micro-industry.

According to Jean-Claude Biver, president of the watchmaking Division of LVMH, this technology will not only be reserved for the Zenith brand. In the future, other custom watch factories will also be able to benefit from this advance.

32,000 kids watches from china be detained

According news, the French customs have detained nearly 32,000 wholesale kids watches which are not in conformity with European legislation due to with the presence of lead.

This control of shipment from China carried out at the beginning of June, the certificate of conformity submitted by the importer not being considered probative by the customs services. Then take samples for analysis, which showed the lead exceeding the maximum limit permitted by the European Regulation, Customs Directorate report that the seizure of 31,920 watches was performed on July 17. Almost 32,000 watches for children from China with lead rates of 58 times higher than the maximum permitted by European regulations, were seized last month in Rouen by customs, they announced on Thursday.

The unsafe watches materials will influence chlidren healthy, so if you want to order kids watches, choose reliable custom watch manufacturer is very important. Let us reject the unscrupulous company in oder to protect our clildren!

The date display function in watches

Watches have been the most popular accessories for long time. But with the techonology development, the wristwatch also change a lot. Custom watch manufacturer also recognized trends for themselves, the watches was constantly evolving.

The different watches functions and style can atrract many watches enthusiasts. It includes the date display. In the histroy, Hammerly who in the year 1915 requested the first patent for a clock with date display. Full calendar data can be found from the year 1921 in the time knives. Pointers were used for this. Only 1926 followed one and 1930 two turntables.  

When you think of a date display today, normally you will think window date in wholesale watches. It is more difficult to implement than the pointer date, window and pointer date are based on the same basis. The minute drive which provides the date display on the edge of the movement that is located in the middle of the movement. The biggest difference between the pointer and window date is ultimately a purely optical one for the wearer. The Date window displays the date in a small window and can be positioned anywhere in the dial. The pointer date is a separate display that is specified with a smaller pointer.

Also the perpetual calendar funtion be considered complicated in watch manufacturing, so it only be manufactured by experienced brands.

Keep positive for watches market

According the reports, Swiss watch exports continued to recover in July, even though the pace of growth has lagged somewhat behind the last two months. It also intrigue the questions about common wholesale kids watches market.

In July 2017, Swiss foreign trade also generated a surplus of 3.51 billion for exports of 18.35 billion or imports of 14.84 bn. exports increased nominally by 4.3%, but fell in real terms by 1.0%. The imports suffered a step backward: they decreased both nominally by 0.1% and real by 2.0%.

Working day adjusted, exports grew by 4.5% in July 2017 (real: + 0.6%), as the Swiss Federal Customs Administration (FCA) said on Tuesday. However, after the two previous months at a high level, they decreased by 2.0% (real:-1.7%) compared to the month before (seasonally adjusted).

What do you think of these data? Anyway, we should keep the positive about the watches market. The latest data also confirm the recovery of the watches industry, Swatch Group and Richemont are growing significantly. So cheer up!

More brand luxury watches sell online

Since the year 2016, the brand custom watch manufacturer sells its models exclusively via the online channel and directly to the end customer. Swiss watches looks forward to the future with online trading.

McKinsey Company already published 2015 a report on luxury goods about online trading. The growing can be found in the online sales growth from year 2013 to 2014 with over 50% to 14 billion euro, and the tendency to continue growing. Already in the year 2015, 75% of all luxury purchases were digitally influenced. According to McKinsey, this will cover up to 2025 the entire mass.

The young consumers is very open to the online trade, and are accustomed to the service from an internet offer. Now some brand official site sells luxury watches safely, quickly and reliably. At first, the retailer of wholesale watches started his online shop, which contributed in the form of a free addition to the purchase of any high quality watches.

And you will see more brand watches retailer to sell luxury watches both via the online channel and in the stationary business.